E-Gaming Liberalization

E-Gaming Liberalization under Scrutiny in France

Two separate conferences will focus on hot topics including high taxationrestrictive measures

Two conferences focusing on the effects of e-gaming liberalization in France will be held on March 2225, at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris,the Marriott Hotel Neuilly respectively,it has been less than a year since the government liberalized the internet gambling market in this European country.

It is expected that speakers at the two events will discuss the current situation at the e-gaming market regulated by ARJELthe results of the so-called “gambling gold rush” when numerous industry operatorsvendors applied for licenses with few major companies passing up on the grounds of tough restrictionshigh taxation.

The first to be held, March 22 conference is organized under the auspices of François Baroin the French Minister of Budget, Public Accounts, Civil ServiceState Reform,supported by Senator François TrucyDeputy Jean-François Lamour. The discussion will cover ARJELthe pertaining licensing principles, enforcementapproval practices.

It has been claimed by certain inside sources that the discussion will enable a more conclusive ‘clause revoyure’ process required by the liberalization lawplanned for the year end when a comprehensive analysis will be done in order to pass decisions covering all aspects of the liberalization initiative including tax, regulation, legal frameworksocial effects.

The other conference organized by iGaming France will be held on 2526 March as a more business related event, focusing on b2b approach. On this occasion, industry operatorsplayers will be able to gatherassociate in the French market. Senior executives from gaming companiesmedia organizations, regulatorsdirectors of Frenchinternational associations who have already confirmed their participation in the top panels will be joined by the ARJEL president Jean-François Vilotterepresentatives from the French Competition Authority.

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